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Whoever is on Page One of Google WINS!!
It is that simple!

WordPress is the best, most used content management system, and when it comes to SEO, WordPress is the best platform for getting world class SEO results. That being said, WordPress “out of the box” is not optimized for SEO, it takes much effort to get it set up correctly, so it can then shine. Optimizing your site to the best practices will help you increase your rankings, gain more customers and have a better website in general. That is what our Wordpress & SEO Audit does for you!

Here are some of the many parameters we look at to make sure your website is producing the best results for you.

  • Page Content, headers, body text, links within text, etc
  • URLs – are they formatted for best SEO and human effectiveness
  • Images – are they sized properly, alt tags in place, etc
  • Header Tags
  • Meta Tags & Descriptions Audit
  • Errors
  • Sitemaps Audit
  • Links
  • Domain & URL Audit
  • Is site Mobile Friendly 
  • Site Load Speed Audit
  • Google Page Rank Check
  • Alt Tags Audit
  • Social Media Audit
  • Open Graph Protocol Set Correctly Audit
  • Dublin Core Audit
  • Bad media checks like FLASH
  • Redirection www Audit
  • Javascript Error Report (usually a bad plugin)
  • Plugin Audit (the good, the bad,and the ugly!)


Content is the cornerstone of a successful SEO strategy. So it makes sense to begin with a quick content review. When the crawler has finished crawling your site, just click over the internal tab and select HTML from the drop-down menu. Screaming Frog will fetch the word count for each page of your site. You can also view the inlinks, outlinks and external outlinks in this view.


A URL within 115 characters is considered SEO healthy. It should also be descriptive, user friendly and must contain a keyword(preferably in the beginning). Screaming Frog lets you filter URLs over this recommended length.


Image optimization is an important factor in determining your site’s SEO score.  Google is very particular about a site’s speed. And images have a direct impact on a site’s loading time. We all know how jpeg or jpg images are light and how png files can be taxing on the load time of a site.

While you optimize your content and images for the search engines now, it may not have been the case earlier. Screaming Frog lets you makeup for the earlier lapse by handpicking all the images that aren’t or are poorly optimized.  Its best to keep the images under 100kb if not lesser.


HTML tags are very important for on—page optimization. And what you place within these tags is also important. The placement of your keywords within your HTML tags makes a big difference to your SEO score.

This point follows logically too. A person who lands on your page after clicking on the search results will be more convinced if he finds your site relevant.

Placing keywords in important tags like the title tag and the H1 tag increase the relevance quotient of your site.


Simply put, sitemaps are a simple walk through of your site to help the crawlers better understand how to navigate your site. This is also an important way to ensure that all of your pages get indexed and are accessible by the search engines. Search engines use a sitemap to learn about how a site is structured. A sitemap is also a good practice for sharing useful SEO centric information like how often a page is updated or when the last update was made.

If you’re looking to have your WordPress completely reviewed and get first rate recommendations from a WordPress SEO specialist, this SEO audit will do just that, and like I said at the top, Whoever is on Page One of Google WINS!! It is that simple!

Whoever is on Page One of Google WINS!! It is that simple!