Why A Responsive Mobile Friendly DIVI SEO Social Media WordPress Website is Best

Let’s start with why a WordPress website is great:

1. Easy to Edit & Add New Content not only for the designer but also for the client

The WordPress content editor is extremely easy to use and there are tons of tutorials across the internet to help you grasp the basics. If you can use Microsoft Word, then you can edit and add new pages to your WordPress site with ease!

2. WordPress is SEO Ready – GOOGLE and BING LOVE WordPress!

Straight out of the box WordPress is already giving you a head start in terms of Search Engine Optimization. Most themes (even free ones!) are developed with SEO in mind, so they’re properly formatted for Search Engines. If you go above and beyond and install an SEO plugin, then you’re even more ahead of the game!

3. WordPress Uses Themes, which means when your website needs a fresh new design, the content can stay the same, but the design can be updated.

WordPress has a huge theme community, both free and paid, and allows for quick and easy visual customization of your website. On top of that, you can change themes on your WordPress site while it’s still live, so you don’t have to worry about re-adding content to your new site ever again! You just load a separate theme and it’s still all there!

4. Setup a Mobile Site in Seconds, because a properly set up WordPress site is RESPONSIVE to any device it is viewed on.

Want your site to work on Mobile devices? Did you know you can install a Plugin to do just that in a matter of seconds? But you can go above and beyond that plugin as well and arm your website with a Responsive web design theme, that way your website will optimize depending on the device that’s viewing it, and it will always look great!

5. Add Videos in Seconds

Embedding YouTube and Vimeo videos is easy, it’s as simple as pressing a button in the content editor for a page or post and pasting the video’s URL!

6. Social Media Ready

Social media is an extremely important way to share your website nowadays, both for traffic and SEO ranking, and lucky for you WordPress comes loaded with tons of social media plugins to help you move your website forward into the social media age. Setup the buttons, engage well with your community, and others will be sharing and tweeting your content in no time!

7. Easy to Upgrade

WordPress updates all the time, new features and security fixes are common, and you can upgrade to the newest version from within WordPress with the click of a button. You can also upgrade your plugins the same way!

8. WordPress started out as a Blogging Platform, but today WordPress is a full website development system!

Before WordPress was used widely as a CMS, it was a blog. Well, it still is a blog! Blogs allow you to get feedback and engagement via comments. Readers that like your content can tweet and share it on social media platforms, giving your business more exposure. Your blog also comes with a built-in RSS feed so visitors can follow your posts in their RSS readers as well.

9. Widgets Galore

WordPress and Widgets go hand in hand, and there are tons of Widgets available from the WordPress community to do virtually anything you could think of, such as calendars, twitter feeds, popular posts or customized text/HTML.

10. We love WordPress at SVEND | DESIGN!

As web designers and developers, WordPress has been a phenomenal tool for us and for our clients. We have no trouble showing even novice users how to use their websites for their businesses and we can add functionality that makes maintaining their website as easy as possible. WordPress allows us to create a user-friendly starting point that they can grow their business with as needed. Did we mention we love WordPress? Because we do!

Next, let’s talk about why SEO is key:

  1. Being found in search engines is a key to success online!
  2. If you are not on the first page or two of Google or BING, it’s like you are not really there!
  3. Your competitors are surely doing SEO, so you better too!
  4. more to come here!

Next, let’s talk about why a Responsive Website is key:

  1. Your website is viewable on all devices, from smart phones to large screen computers and Smart TV’s
  2. Only one URL/website to update. The old way to make a website work on various devices was to create multiple versions of the website. If you make a change on one, you need to make the change on the other versions too. What a pain!
  3. Many people view websites on smart phones, and having a Responsive Website Design makes it a pleasant experience! No more pinching and zooming and scrolling around!
  4. Google and Bing like responsive website designs! And being found high in google search is good for business!
  5. more to come here!

Next, let’s talk about Social Media, and why it is key:

  1. Social media is all the rage these days! With Facebook and Twitter and Linkedin, etc… everyone seems to be on some social online network
  2. Google and BING use your standing in social media sites like FACEBOOK to decide where you are listed in search results! So, if you have a lot of likes, you do better on GOOGLE!
  3. Having a presence on social media is just one more way to have your customer find you!
  4. more to come here!

Finally, we wrap it all up into what I specialize in, which is a Responsive SEO Social Media WordPress Website, which combines all of the above into a dynamite kick butt online business machine! Contact me and we can discuss if this option is good for your business, and what the costs and timeframe are.



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