Top Reasons For A CMS Data Driven Website by Svend

parrotTop Reasons For A CMS, SEO, DIVI Responsive Website

After building multiple CMS websites, this is all I use for my clients and myself now!

  • CMS stands for Content Management System, which means there are two main parts to your website, the CONTENT (or data) and the DESIGN (or theme).
  • CMS is open source which means a huge group of talented programmers are updating the system continuously and adding great features!
  • CMS is easy to get up and running, but can also accommodate very advanced websites (like BEST BUY, EBAY, FORD, UPS, SONY MUSIC, XEROX, etc…)
  • CMS is very SEO search engine friendly. This means your site is much more likely to get good search engine results. Google has stated this in its WebMasters forum.
  • CMS separates content from design. What this means is all content is stored in a database and delivered to the user in realtime. One benefit of this, is it can adapt it’s look to any device from a Smart Phone to a large computer screen and look great on both (and useable!! no more pinching and zooming on an iPhone to read the website).
  • CMS has hundreds of plugins and themes to add cool features to your website (over 10,000+ plugins as of Nov 2014!)
  • CMS uses the very latest technologies for web design, and continually add more features as the technology advances
  • CMS has a super clean, modern design
  • CMS has tons of free & pay for plugins and widgets and themes
  • CMS has a HUGE community of users and developers and support
  • CMS is used by 25.5% of all websites on the net!!
  • CMS makes up 15% of the TOP 1M websites
  • When websites get to be really large, having a traditional HTML website can be a pain in the BUTT when it comes to changing the sites design. This is not the case with a CMS based website. Let’s say you want to update the email address on your HTML website and there are 100 pages. You will need to go in and change the email address on each and every page. With a CMS website, you just change it in one place, and it is automatically updated on all 100 pages (or a 1000 pages!)
  • CMS let’s you can update your website from anywhere
  • CMS let’s you create a website that looks great on all devices from smartphone to huge computer monitor
  • CMS uses the latest technologies and adds new ones constantly
  • CMS is cutting edge (and can be bleeding edge! lol)
  • CMS makes it easy to make a great, clean , functional website, by the way WP is designed
  • CMS is edited right in your web browser… no extra software needed except an image editor is a good thing to have (like photoshop)
  • CMS is like a great blueprint for a dream house, and then you get to modify that house to make it perfect for you… like colors, where you want walls, how many bathrooms, kitchen layouts, remote control lights, AC, what kind of heating system, etc…etc… BUT you are not starting with a blank sheet of paper in front of you!
  • CMS has its foundation in a database system, so if you ever want to move your website content to another website or another system, CMS makes this easy. You can easily export your entire website to another website, like Joomla or Blogger, etc.
  • CMS has custom themes for any and all industries, which we then customize specifically for your needs! Real Estate – YES, Technical Product Sales – YES, Dentists – YES, you name it, there is a cool theme for your industry!
  • CMS has a powerful BLOG built in!, as a matter of fact, it was one of the first BLOG’s ever! I like to think of blogs as a great NEWS channel for your website! Quick and short posts on what is happening in your business! Just like Facebook, and twitter, but YOU control it, not FB & TWITTER!
  • You control your site! You are not beholden to a web designer, once you are up and running! You can go in and edit a page, spelling, improvements, add a picture, create a “blog/news” yourself! That is powerful! And fast!
  • Your site can grow easily as your business grows, as your budget grows, as your needs grow! With all the new PLUGINS and WIDGETS being created and upgraded, adding new exciting enhancements is easy!
  • CMS is multi user! This means you can set up user accounts for various people in your organization, as well as freelancers and people outside your company.
  • due to the fact that CMS separates “DESIGN” from “CONTENT” , you can literally redesign the entire look of your website in 5 seconds!!!!!  I kid you not! Find a new theme, upload, make active, DONE!
  • once again, google loves CMS! why?! because it is easy to update your website often vs. a static website. Google LOVES websites that update often! You can add a posting to your site from anywhere!! Use your smartphone in bermuda at a bar to update your site! lol… easy!!!
  • CMS is EASY! If you can write an email or write a microsoft word doc, you can update your CMS website!
  • GOOGLE has even recommended CMS as a great system to design your website in!!
  • CMS is supported by a thriving, engaged community. A recent study estimates that approximately 24% of the sites on the Internet are run by CMS.
  • CMS has tons of specialty plugins that let you add an incredible array of hi tech features to your website. Here are some examples: 1) a calendar, 2) a membership system for many people to sign up, 3) advanced forms, 4) a shopping cart, etc…


To give you a little perspective on this, I have been designing and coding web sites from the very beginning of the internet back in 1995-1996. In 2014, the only new websites I am creating are in CMS! And I am encouraging all my current tenants to switch over ASAP.


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