Here are some great reasons to have a wordpress website

  • It is a content management system, so content is separate from “design”. This has a bunch of advantages. 1) you can change the entire design of site without having to touch all the content, text, pictures, etc… 2) easy to export your content for various uses, like a report on inventory, etc…
  • CMS systems have thousands of plugins that add features to your website. For instance, Auto back up plugin, Stats plugin to track visitors, form builder plugin, site-map plugin to easily show all pages in your site, SEO plugin to make your website found better in google and bing, Social media plugin for easy social media marketing (facebook, twitter, pinterest, etc), invoicing plugin, security plugin against hackers, awesome photo gallery plugins,
  • Responsive Web Design – this means your website will look and work great on ANY digital device, iphone, smart phone, tablets, ipads, big screen computers, smart TV’s, etc… no more pinch and zoom
  • Add content easily from your smartphone, and post to your site, – it’s as easy as sending an email. Got a new product… snap a picture, insert into email, send – and instantly, that email is a new page on your website!
  • Easy to do dynamic, big pictures, slide shows – really great for the kind of products you sell!
  • Add a fully functional google map to your site with zoom in, etc…
  • Google and Bing and the other search engines LOVE CMS systems, and it helps you rank high in the search engines. With your super unique products, and niche items, this will really help sell your super unique items
  • CMS systems are built around Categories, Posts, and Pages, which makes it easy to organize all your products by logical categories.
  • This CMS system has a great online editor so you can create great content easily and quickly, and the CMS will format it automatically so it looks awesome online when you post update.
  • This CMS system is designed to be updated by multiple people if you want, and each user has different privileges that you assign. Here is an example. You have 200 products you want entered. You hire someone for a few days, and give them limited access to do posting only (and they can not delete anything) and then when project is complete, you delete user and user access.
  • This system is used by many of the top companies in this country like, TIME, CNN, FORBES, etc… (as a matter of fact, 22.5% of all websites on the internet use this system!!
  • This system has a media database built in to easily manage hundreds of pictures, graphics, PDF’s, etc…
  • WordPress can handle all types of media with ease… Pictures, Audio, Video’s, 3D animation, etc…
  • And on top of all this cool stuff, the websites LOOK GREAT, modern, easy to use, latest technologies, etc… see for yourself at these websites I have recently created:

If this sounds interesting… a kick ass, up to date, latest technology website in exchange for a few of your products I could use at my house… let me know!