svend-pyramidBeing a designer first and foremost, I am all about passion… and passion about a lot of things. This is what brings inspiration into the design process!

One of those things is being healthy! And the biggest part of being healthy is what we eat every day of our lives. It turns out, it has more influence on our health than any other factor, and by FAR!

I have tried everything when it comes to eating healthy, or what I thought was eating healthy. It is amazing how many theories are out there, and that when you get to the truth, for most of us, it will be a total shock what is good for us!

Now, after years and years of research, and trying different things, I have come upon the answer. The answer that really works, the answer that makes sense once you know the facts and how the body works.

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I am going to start with the big picture summary of this “diet” and then will digg deeper and deeper with details, thoughts, video’s, etc.

In a nutshell, your diet should consist of 70% healthy fats, lot’s of green and super colorful veggies, a small amount of healthy protein, and NO carbs, no grains and no gluten! (the main goal is to NOT spike or raise your blood sugar level, which triggers all the BAD things in health!) That’s it… and it is the only way we should eat in life to feel good (in body and mind), and avoid any of the many lifestyle diseases most of us are heading for sooner or later! (diabetes, heart disease, stroke, cancer, osteoporosis, arthritis, alzheimers, etc…etc…)

This is a Ketogenic “diet” – the elimination of sugar and carbs and starches from your diet. (here is a good link that explains the ketogenic diet)

Here are some great video’s that explain the above in detail:


Why we get fat by Gary Taubs, Award Winning Writer

The Grain Brain by David Permutter M.D. in Neurology

• Very Low Carb Performance – Dr Peter Attia

Sugar – The bitter truth – Dr. Lustig

Cancer – How a ketogenic diet can starve cancer