Svend Design WordPress Hosting and Site Management

3 years ago, I was reviewing where the internet was going and realized WordPress CMS (content management system) was the way to go. I had been doing HTML websites since 1996 and that carried us for many many years. There is a HUGE difference is how HTML websites work, and WordPress websites. An HTML website is very simple… it is a collection of text documents, images, and videos, etc. Not much different than a Microsoft Word Document.

WordPress websites are a whole other beast! (a great beast, but there is a whole lot more to a wordpress site than an HTML website). WordPress is based roughly on two layers of information, Content like text and images are stored in a MYSQL database and then there are THEMES which create the look and feel of the website. In addition, WordPress websites use PLUGINS and WIDGETS to add cool features to your site.

Hosting a WP website is much more involved than an HTML website because WP is always changing and being updated by the authors and by all the plugin programmers. Below is a few of the things that are included in my WordPress SEO Hosting.