What is SVEND SEO WORDPRESS Web Hosting?

There are lots of companies out there offering SEO HOSTING. But what does that mean?! It most cases, say 98%, it means the company is offering you hosting on a particular IP address. That’s it. Does it help get your website higher in the search engine?… NO. Real SEO HOSTING is where we actively make changes to your web site to make it rank better, and we create new pages for you that will rank well!

Keeping it Simple at SVEND SEO WORDPRESS Web Hosting

We do not expect or require you to understand technical SEO terms or SEO jargon… that is our job! To get started with SVEND SEO Web Hosting today. Just fill out the form below, and we will get started.

What’s included:

  • We host your website on a nationally respected web hosting service that is backed by great technical support, and they reside right here in the USA (Utah to be exact ).
  • We analyze your business to see what keywords will bring you the most visits to your website
  • We look to see what geographic markets are best for your business, and which markets will give you the best bang for your buck!
  • We focus on results. If you are not getting the results, then why spend the money!
  • We only take on a select number of clients in any given year, so we can focus on SEO for you. It is a time intensive endeavor, and time is money.

Get in touch with us, and see if we are a good fit to get your website up in the search engines, which is the only place to be! We like to say around here, RESULTS TALK, BULLSHIT WALKS™! If you are not on the first or second page of google, you might as well go home!

Silver Hosting Plan

Great Starter Package
  • Disk Space: 20GB
  • Monthly Bandwidth Transfer: 500GB
  • Monthly Price: $13.00

Gold Hosting Plan

A Great Upgrade
  • Disk Space: 80GB
  • Monthly Bandwidth Transfer: 1000GB
  • Monthly Price: $19.00

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