Here are the results of my recent Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign for Lamarche Heating & Air – Oct/Nov 2015

This SEO campaign started on October 10, 2015, and within 1 week, was on page 1 of Google for ALL their terms within 3 weeks!! People say SEO is dead, or it does not work… they are WRONG! See the results here. Test them out yourself! SEO is THE KEY for online success! If you are not on the first couple pages of GOOGLE, you can just forget it! It’s that important.

What makes these results especially great, is this is a brand new domain registered in Sept of 2015!! So to get this kind of results in Oct 2015 is incredible! Also amazing how fast google is indexing pages these days! Last week, Oct 10th, this client did not show up in google for ANYTHING!

Here is an easy way to test the results shown below. On a computer, select any caption below, and right click the caption and select search google.