Lake Winnipesaukee Ice In

Lake Winnipesaukee Ice Out and Ice In Report

My wife and I have found tons of websites we can go to see Lake Winnipesaukee ICE OUT dates going back to the 1800’s, but when it comes to ICE IN dates, there was nothing! So, since our house overlooks the broads of Lake Winnipesaukee, we are in a perfect location to report on when the lake first freezes over!!

Will we make it to February 1st with no full ice coverage. YES!

FREEZE DATE: February 9th, NH Primary Day! 



Feb 12 to Feb 18

January 20th, and there is no visible ice!

January 24th, and the Lake is about 50% frozen, so there is quite a ways to go until it is frozen enough for ice fishing houses, snow mobiles and the Alto Lake Airport!

January 25th, the lake is less frozen than yesterday! And we have a few 40 degree days coming! Very interesting… ;-). The image above was taken January 25th!

January 26th, We are back to about 50% of lake being frozen. The image above was taken January 25th!

January 27th, We are back to about 20% of lake being frozen! Unreal!! I am thinking Lake might not freeze for the first time ever!!

January 28th, It must have been cold out last night and no word. Much of the lake seems frozen over, but it looks very thin. I am going to drive down to the shore line and get a closer look!

January 29th, I went down to the shoreline to take a look at the ice up close. The ice was about 1/4 inch thick. I took a big rock and threw it out as far as I could, and it easily went through and caused an amazing “Ice Ripple or Ice Wave”! I have never seen anything like that. Very cool. The Ice today is similar to yesterday. 85% frozen with a few open areas. As time goes on, I will report on ice usage like snow mobilers and ice house use which is usually big every winter.

January 30th, WOW… the lake is wide open again with NO ice!! This is amazing!! I have never seen this in the 6 years of living here!

February 1st, WOW… the lake is wide open again with NO ice!! The temperature today is supposed to reach 50 degrees! Will the lake ever freeze fully this winter?!

February 2nd, WOW… the lake is wide open again with NO ice!! And todays 40+ temperature is not going to help the ice freeze! STAY TUNED!

February 4th, There is less ice coverage now than in the past 2 weeks!! I winder if we will set a record for having no full ice coverage on the lake!! STAY TUNED!

February 9th, The ice finally froze last night! And I am guessing it will stay frozen with the upcoming cold weather.

February 12th, The ice is still frozen as would be expected with the cold we have had lately, but there are 4-5 large open places about the size of a football field or two. Very strange, since it really IS COLD!! (10 degrees!! and even colder at night)


Large fresh water opening with 10 degree temps!

March 1st, There is a huge opening of open water! I Have never seen this since living here (2009). Out my window, I see more open water than Ice! Wow… will be interesting to see what date ICE OUT is! I am thinking a record early date!

March 12th, WOW!! the ice is almost all gone!! I think this will be a record year for Ice out!! March 23rd is the record from 2012! I think this year will be even sooner!!!

2015 – if someone can add some more detail to last years ICE IN dates, please use the blog below

January 7th, the lake was at about 50% frozen. On January 13th it was entirely frozen from our vantage point!

Lake Winnipesaukee Ice In. If you have records for past years please email us at Svend & Pam Filby 86 Briarcliff Road, Gilford NH


Countdown to Ice Out Estimate








Let us know what you are seeing from your view!


Lake Winnipesaukee

Lake Winnipesaukee (/ˌwɪnɪpəˈsɔːki/) is the largest lake in the U.S. state of New Hampshire, located in the Lakes Region. It is approximately 21 miles (34 km) long (northwest-southeast) and from 1 to 9 miles (1.6 to 14.5 km) wide (northeast-southwest), covering 69 square miles (179 km2)—71 square miles (184 km2) when Paugus Bay is included—with a maximum depth of 212 feet (65 m). The center area of the lake is called The Broads.

The lake contains at least 258 islands,[1] half of which are less than a quarter-acre in size, and is indented by several peninsulas, yielding a total shoreline of approximately 288 miles (463 km). The driving distance around the lake is 63 miles (101 km). It is 504 feet (154 m) above sea level. Winnipesaukee is the third-largest lake in New England after Lake Champlain and Moosehead Lake.

Outflow is regulated by the Lakeport Dam in Lakeport, New Hampshire, on the Winnipesaukee River.