HTML versus WORDPRESS Design and Editing

In the beginning there was HTML websites. These websites consisted of number text files that when viewed in a web browser, showed you the text, plus placed images, and links. That was about it in the beginning! Soon after you could add a video file and an audio file.

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As stated above, each and every page in your website was a separate text file. If you have a 10 page website, you would have 10 text files. If you had a hundred pages on your website, you had 100 text files to deal with! 

Now lets say you company gets a new logo or phone number that needs to be updated on your website. That would require going into 100 pages and updating each and every page on your site! Imagine if you had 1000+ pages like a big business easily does.

There had to be a better way! It turns out that the better way was to have a website that separated the “design” from the “content” AND instead of storing every page in a text file, let’s use a database to store all the content on your website. This became known as a “Content Management System” or CMS for short. When WordPress appeared around 2002, it was best known as a blogging system and it based its technology on an “Open Source CMS” system! Today, WordPress has evolved into a full function web design and content management system that powers 25+% of the worlds websites today and growing!! That is an amazing testimonial!

Due to the “Open Source” nature of WordPress, there are thousands of developers around the world designing and programming enhancements to WordPress called “Plug Ins”. These plugins can add just about any feature you could imagine to wordpress. Here are just a few examples: 1) A custom form, 2) A feed from your Facebook account listing all your recent posts automatically, 3) Add a google map, 4) Add web tracking analytics, 5) Add SEO enhancements, 6) Add a comprehensive backup plugin, 7) Add additional security to block hackers, 8) Need to add tables to your page, there is a plugin for that, 9) etc…etc…

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Here is an HTML website and what users/visitors see. This is not a mobile friendly technology, and will be very hard to read and navigate on a smart phone.




Here is the text file that represents the above web site. It takes specialized knowledge to edit or a web editor which also takes lots of specialized knowledge. Every page in your website has a text file like the one below. If your site has 50 pages, you have 50 pages to keep track of and edit individually. Not Fun!






Here is the “Admin” backend of the WordPress Website shown above. This is where all the magic happens! From here you can control and edit the entire website. You can see all your pages, blog posts, settings, etc… If you wanted to change the logo on your website, you would change it in one place, and it would be updated over all pages instantly. You can edit your site from any web browser!



The page below represents the home page above. It is here you make edits to the text, add sections, add pictures, etc…etc…



Now that you have a little background on HTML vs. WordPress, let’s touch base on a Svend Designed DIVI Themed WordPress SEO Website!

A basic WordPress in stall is like a small ranch house with no amenities or like a car chassis with out the body, seats, and all the enhancements like power windows, heated seats, a stereo, navigation, cruise control, etc, etc… My WordPress websites have an enhancement added called DIVI. DIVI is a theme which adds powerful design features to a basic WordPress install. 

DIVI is a drag and drop wordpress construction kit. Want to add a video, there is a DIVI module for that. Want to add a form, there is a DIVI module for that. In addition, I add Industry Standard SEO plugins and  professional website tracking software so that web traffic can be examined down to the smallest detail. This allows me to make informed changes to improve SEO results.

So, in summary, a SVEND SEO DIVI WORPRESS SITE is an awesome solution for any online business to succeed, and my motto is RESULTS TALK, BULLSHIT WALKS™ . Now lets continue on our journey to see how the DIVI page builder is edited.