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DIVI Website Designer. Having worked almost exclusively with Elegant Themes, I was completely blown away by the introduction of the DIVI theme. At first I was worried a drag and drop theme would be limiting to us developers who heavily customize but it has turned out to be the complete opposite. The ability to add IDs and Classes to every section and module makes it easy to create something really unique. I started a tutorial website for Elegant Themes and I can already see that DIVI will become my main focus. It is absolutely one of the best web design systems and they just recently released another update for a really nice one-page design you should check out. Very cool. DIVI WordPress SEO Website Designer. DIVI Website Designer for all your DIVI Design Work.

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All Svend Design Websites Include the following:

  • Base technology is wordpress, and content management system (CMS)
  • DIVI wordpress theme
  • The wordpress theme is DIVI, the best theme there is!
  • SEO foundation built in: See our recent SEO results here >
  • Complete analysis software installed so you know everything about your site visitors
  • Fully Mobile, responsive web design, a must today!
  • Fully tried and true tested plugins that expand the capabilities of basic wordpress
  • Sucuri Security installed to protect your website from hackers
  • Duplicator Pro installed for automatic backups so your website is always protected
  • Enhanced Social Media Plugin to get the most out of your social networks!
  • Hyper Cache installed to speed up sites
  • Enhanced forms vs. basic wordpress forms
  • I add your site to Google Webmaster Tools, which helps your SEO Campaigns!
  • I add an XML sitemap to Google, which helps your SEO Campaigns!
  • I add your site to BING Webmaster Tools, which helps your SEO Campaigns!
  • I add an XML sitemap to BING, which helps your SEO Campaigns!
  • and many more enhancements to many to list here… please email to find out more.

Let me know if you would like to have your site redone in DIVI WordPress or need a new website done in DIVI. 

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Svend – DIVI Website Designer