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Google SEO 2016 Results

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REGIONAL SEO CAMPAIGNS (State, City, Region) – Google SEO 2016 Results

Lamarche Heating and Air Google SEO Results >

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What Is SEO, And Why Is It So Important

SEO is the key to online success in todays super competitive market. The reason for this is simple. A person today goes right to Google and searches for what they want.

Let me give you a typical example. The other day, I was looking for a new mini split heat pump heater for one of my apartments in NH. So of coarse I went to Google, and typed in “Manchester NH Mini Split Heat Pump“. The results that come up on page one of google get my attention first. I click the links, contact the company and buy the product! This is how it is done for millions of people every day. So, if you offer Manchester NH Mini Split Heat Pumps, you better show up on page 1 of Google or you will not get the business! It’s that simple.

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