Apartment Rules and Regulations For Fitch Manor, Spring St, and Appleton St Apartments 2016

Please read these Apartment Rules and Regulations carefully! I don’t want any surprises if you get an eviction from us for not following these rules.


This agreement is an addendum and/or part of the rental agreement between our apartments and you, the Tenant. If you have a lease, this is an addendum to that lease. If you are month to month, these are the rules you need to follow.

New Rules and Regulations, or amendments to these rules may be adopted by Landlord/Manger upon posting to www.svend.com/fitch/.  These rules and any changes, or amendments have a legitimate purpose and are not intended to be arbitrary, or work as a substantial modification of Tenant rights.  They will not be unequally enforced.  Tenant is responsible for the conduct of guests and the adherence to these rules and regulations at all time.


Obviously, payment of rent on time is critical. If rent is not paid, a demand for rent and an eviction notice will be given to you. This starts the clock ticking and you must respond and get current asap, or eviction will follow.

If you are given the privilege of having a dog, here are a few things that are essential:

1) Dog CANNOT ever be tied up to the outside of your unit.
2) Dog waste must be immediately picked up.
3) Any aggressive action toward any person on the property will mean immediate loss of privilege to have a dog, and it must be removed from property.
4) You can not get a dog without prior approval from us

If these dog rules are not followed, you will lose the right to have a dog at our apartments.

Contact Info: When the Tenant has a new phone number, or E-Mail address, they must communicate this information to the Landlord/Manage immediately.

No one is allowed to move in with you or stay with you for more than 5 days without PRIOR Landlord approval. If you want a new room mate, an application must be filled out and approved first!

Move ins: Please call EVERSOURCE to set up your electrical account for the day you get the key.

Move outs: Leave the apartment clean and with it totally empty. Make sure the only trash left is kitchen size garbage bags and place in dumpster.

  • Fitch does not allow smoking in apartments. Outside is ok with a sand filled butt can.
  • Pests – if you bring them in, you pay to get them out. That is NH Law.
  • No work can be performed at my properties inside or outside property, i.e., baby sitting, day care, working on cars, etc
  • People who pay rent weekly MUST notify me each friday that payment has been made. Paying weekly is a privilege to help you out, do not ruin it for yourself and be forced to pay all your rent on the first of the month.
  • You are allowed ONE parking space next to your door and building.
  • Parking is never allowed in front of or near dumpster!
  • Failure to follow above rules will mean eviction


  • Tenants shall not make, or allow any disturbing noises in the unit by Tenant, family, or guests, nor do , nor permit anything by such persons, which will interfere with the right, comforts, or conveniences of other persons.
  • All musical instruments, TV’s, stereos, radios, etc., are to be played at a volume which will not disturb other tenants. Dog barking will not be tolerated. Yelling in the common area’s will not be tolerated.
  • The activities and conduct of Tenant, Tenant’s guests and minor children of Tenants, or guests, outside of the unit on the common grounds, parking areas, or any recreation facilities must be reasonable at all time and not annoy, or disturb other persons.
  • No lounging, visiting, or loud talking, that may disturbing to other Tenants will be allowed in the common areas at any time.
  • Failure to follow above rules will mean eviction


  • Your apartment must be kept clean, sanitary and free from objectionable objects.
  • Tenants shall assist management in keeping the outside of common areas clean.
  • No littering of papers, cigarette butts, or trash is allowed.
  • No trash, or other materials may be accumulated which will cause a hazard, or be in violation of any health, fire, or safety ordinance, or regulation.  The Fire Dept. will be visiting for violations regularly.
  • Garbage is to be placed inside the container (dumpster) provided.  Garbage should not be allowed to accumulate and should be placed in the outside container (dumpster) on a daily basis. The only garbage allowed is kitchen garbage bags. Definitely no furniture items can be placed by the dumpster. These items must be taken to local dumps.
  • Furniture must be kept inside the unit.  All persons belongings must be kept inside the unit, or approved in writing by Landlord/Manger.  Any items outside the (unless approved in writing) are subject to removal by Landlord/Manger.  Tenant will be charged for the cost of removal.
  • Articles are not to be left in the common areas.
  • Clothing, curtains, rugs, towels, etc. shall not be shaken, or hung outside of any window, railing or ledge.
  • No objects like tires, rims, children’s toys, are to be left outside unless placed in a plastic mini storage unit purchased by you.
  • No campers, RV’s, etc without landlord permission
  • If you have anything other than kitchen trash bags, you can take those items to the Claremont Transfer station in Claremont or Casella transfer in Newport NH. Go to city hall to get stickers. Do not place next to dumpster. THIS IS FORBIDDEN
  • Parking is never allowed in front of or near dumpster. Your car willed be towed away at your expense
  • Failure to follow above rules will mean eviction


  • All doors must be locked during the absence of Tenant.
  • All appliances, except refrigerators, must be turned off before leaving the unit.
  • When leaving for more than five (7) days, Tenant shall notify management how long Tenant will be away.
  • If someone is to enter Tenant’s unit during Tenants absence, Tenant shall give management permission beforehand to let any person in the unit and/or provide the name of person, or company entering.
  • The use, or storage of gasoline, cleaning solvent, or other combustibles in or out the unit is prohibited.
  • The use of charcoal or gas barbeques is prohibited unless consent is obtained from Landlord/Manger.
  • No personal belongings, including bicycles, play equipment, motorcycles, ski-doos, any motorized 2 wheel vehicles unless it is a registered motorcycle above 250CC may be left on the property using your 1 designated parking space.
  • Children on the premises must be supervised by a responsible adult at all times.
  • Candles may not be burned in bedrooms.
  • No unregistered vehicles are allowed on property.
  • Do not install an Air Conditioning unit in window without checking with us first, so we make sure the electrical outlet can handle it. This is a fire issue.
  • Failure to follow above rules will mean eviction


  • If the unit is supplied with a smoke detection device(s) upon occupancy, it shall be the responsibility of Tenant to regularly test the detector(s) to ensure the device(s) is in operable condition.  Tenant will inform management immediately, in writing, of any defect, malfunction, or failure of such smoke detector(s).  Tenant is responsible to replace smoke detector batteries, if an, as needed unless otherwise prohibited by law.
  • Tenant shall advise management, in writing, of any items requiring requiring repair (dripping faucets, light switches, etc.)  Notification should be immediate in an emergency, or for normal problems within business hours.  Repair requests should be made as soon as the defect is noted.
  • Service requests should not be made to maintenance personnel.
  • Cost of repair, or clearance of stoppages in waste pipes, or drains, water pipes, or plumbing fixtures caused by Tenant’s negligence, or improper usage are the responsibility of Tenant.  Payment for corrective action must be paid by Tenant on demand.
  • No alterations or improvements shall be made by Tenant without the consent of management.  Any article attached to the woodwork, walls, floors, or ceiling shall be the sole responsibility of Tenant.  Tenant shall be liable for any repairs necessary during, or aft residency to restore premises to the original condition.  Glue or tape shall not be used to affix pictures or decorations.


Fran in unit 17 can be given rent. Some tenants do deposit at Citizens bank. If so, you must text me each time you deposit. You must also keep all receipts from Fran or Bank until you move out of our apartments


There is a $35 fee on late monthly rents after four (4) days (and every 4 days after first 4 days you are late), and a $25 fee on weekly renters after three (3) days (and every 3 days after that you are late).
Weekly rents are due on the Friday of each week.  Monthly rents are due on or before the 1st of each month.
No one can move in with you WITHOUT our permission FIRST and a new application made out and the person gets approved. No exceptions

Parking: Each Tenant gets ONE parking space near their door/apt.  Any other cars and guests must NOT park next to the building on all four (4) sides of the property.

TRASH: The dumpster is for kitchen trash bags only.  Any big items like TV’s, A/C units, furniture, tires, etc. must be hauled away by YOU.  (there is a $45 fee if seen putting other items near the dumpster)  Strictly Enforced!!

NOISE: Quite Time is after 9 PM in summer and 8PM in winter. Again, noise, partying, loudness will not be tolerated!

LOCKS: There is a $30 fee if you get locked out of your apartment and need us to get you in or need new keys. Locks cannot be changed by tenant, and that will trigger an eviction.

Your front door area must be clean (no shovels, trash, sleds, etc., etc.  Flower pots are fine.  Trailers, boats, ……basically anything.
Your pet poops MUST be cleaned up upon dropping.  ($45 fee and pet removal)
No pet is allowed to wander around the property unattended.  (Pet Removal by city)
Non-payment of any rents is reported to the Landlord Connection Service.  (which other area Landlords will see)
Unregistered vehicles are not allowed. This includes all vehicles, mopeds, trailers, minibikes, etc. No tires or rims or automotive parts can be stored on property

No gas or flammable items can be stored on property inside or outside.


If you need any paperwork filled out, have City, or Agency E-Mail me at:  svend@svend.com


There is no excuse for not contacting us. If your cell phone is not working, bring a message to Francis in Fitch 17, and he will pass it on to me.

Contact me immediately if you lose your job, loss of income , etc. If you do not, and you come to me weeks later looking for help, it will not be coming. Hit me up right away!

The undersigned Tenant(s) acknowledge(s) having read the understood the foregoing, and receipt of a duplicate original. It is understood that when you filled out our rental application before you moved in, that you read these rules and will abide by them.

All adults must sign & acknowledgment these rules and pledge to uphold these rules.



Tenant 1

Tenant 2

Tenant 3



Thank you. These rules are in place to make life at my apartments safe, peaceful and enjoyable for all.
Svend Filby


April 2016