10 Reasons For A DIVI WordPress, Mobile Friendly, SEO Website

parrot-enhancedSvend’s Top 10 Reasons For A WordPress, SEO, DIVI Themed Responsive Website

After building over 30 Wordpress websites in the past 2 years, it is clear to me that WordPress (and my DIVI WordPress System) is the future of web design and online communication! Wordpress is a Content Management System, which means there are two main parts to your website, the CONTENT (the words and pictures and videos, etc) and the DESIGN (or how the website looks visually to the user and device like a smart phone or computer). There is the “front end” you see in your web browser and the “back end admin section” where all the magic happens and where you edit your website, add new pages, add pictures and video’s, PDF’s, etc…

  1. WordPress is used by over 30% of all websites on the internet. That alone speaks volumes to its success and acceptance!
  2. WordPress allows the website owner to edit the website themselves using any web browser, even on a smartphone!
  3. WordPress is LOVED by Google and the other search engines, so a WordPress website has a leg up on getting listed on searches!
  4. WordPress is OPEN SOURCE which means thousands of people are working to improve it on a weekly basis. And it means there is a plug-in for just about and feature you want to add to your website. Anything from online stores, forms, calendars, membership sites, video playback, online chat, etc, etc!
  5. WordPress is easy to use! If you can type an email, you can edit a WordPress page.
  6. WordPress can be edited from anywhere in the world on any digital device that has a web browser

This page is meant for a simple overview and introduction to WordPress. For a much more comprehensive list with more technical details, click TOP REASONS FOR A DIVI WORDPRESS SEO WEBSITE

To give you a little perspective on this, I have been designing and coding HTML web sites from the very beginning of the internet back in 1995-1996. From 2014 and on, the only new websites I am creating are in WordPress using my custom DIVI System.


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